Monday, June 27, 2011

Giana's Deer.

1.I saw the deer at wollaton House and Park. (Wollaton Hall is a museum and old house in Nottingham.)

2.the baby deer have spots, the mother deer are lighter and don't have antlers. The father deer are darker and have big antlers so they can protect their family.

3. Deer run very fast. They run when they are scared. They are shy so they get scared easily.

4. Deer eat grass and leaves. Some of the big old trees had purple leaves. Some of the trees are really big and wide. It took four people reaching to each other in a circle to go around one of them.

5. The deer make a noise called a bellow. I heard a baby deer's bellow.

6. I like how the deer are very shy, fast runners, and be so cute.

7. I think the deer have fun living at Wollaton Hall. There is so much space, so many leaves and lots to eat.

8. Life there is different for them there than in the wild, because they only have the space of the park, because there's a fence. At Wollaton there are no big animals like in the forest, like bears or things that could hurt them. So there they are safe.

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